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953 Columbus Ave, inside Amore Pasticceria, New York, NY 10025 map
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Salt & sugar. Um…really!?

Two ingredients that make everything taste like heaven in your mouth. Apart, these ingredients represent a delicious cornucopia of different tastes, but together they create an explosive flavor that is seldom rivaled in the food world. Everyone has talked about it. People have dreamed about it. Most were afraid to put them together. It's a secret, twisted fantasy that everyone hides their love for. And now it's a reality.
Bacon meets Bakery. Their love child: Baconery.
- Life is Just Better with Bacon -

My name is Wesley Klein and I'm a breakfast and dessert kind of guy. One day I was at breakfast and I used my thick-cut bacon to sop up the last remaining drops of maple syrup from my plate and it hit me like a ton of bricks. I eat breakfast for the delicious salty goodness of the bacon. I love dessert for the sugary experience of warm chocolate chip cookies, brownies, syrup on french toast, and more. It only made sense to marry the two together so the world could enjoy it's long-awaited fantasy.

Like a mad scientist, I spent months in the kitchen with breakfast chefs, pastry chefs, and more, until we stumbled upon the exact formula for infusing these two ingredients into the perfect culinary combination. Let's just say it was an orgasmic explosion of bacon, chocolate, nuts, fruits, and any other ingredient we thought fit to combine. We birthed the "BACONERY."
So, I set out on a mission. I assembled the best "baconery" chefs I could find. I purchased the finest ingredients I could buy in order to re-define the bakery experience and bring you something you've never seen before.

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