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Lodge On Perrin Creek Apartment

2355 Austin Hwy, San Antonio, TX 78218
Lodge On Perrin Creek Apartment Mojo 2/ 5
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Products and Services:
  • Air Conditioning
  • Emergency Maintenance Services
  • Laundry Services
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Friday, August 28, 2009
Poor Customer Service, Poor Management.
am writing this review as a warning to others who may choose to rent from these people. The actual apartment itself would have been a very nice place to live if it where not for the poor management. Throughout my two year stay my Air Conditioner worked very poorly if at all. Every time I reported it to management they improperly fixed the unit and the fix worked for a short amount of time if at all. The same could be said for my toilet which because of their failure to maintain the property would not flush properly and at one time broke causing the flooding of my apartment. The dishwasher was improperly mounted into the counter and would fall if the door was left opened.

Furthermore when I deployed I was not gone two months when they hung a notice to vacate on the door of my apartment scaring my ex fiance who was terrified of speaking with the management to begin with. When I moved out of the Apartment instead of sending the final bill to my forwarding address which was provided on my thirty day notice they instead sent it straight to collections who of course expects immediate payment without reviewing what I am being charged for. When asked why they did this they first claimed to no longer have my file and finally when I threatened to get an attorney involved said that I had not provided a forwarding address despite the fact It was provided in the thirty day notice which I have a standards TAA receipt for delivering. Furthermore when I demanded disclosure of the ownership and management of the property they denied my request in violation of section 92.202 of the Texas Property Code which requires disclosure on request. I am still in the process of ridding myself of these people and it is proving to be a long and costly struggle. I would highly suggest that anyone currently living in this complex educate themselves on their rights as tenants in the state of Texas and protect themselves from these people.

Through the two years I stayed in this complex I learned that these people have absolutely no regard for Tenant rights nor do they have any respect for their tenants. Their customers are treated slightly better than livestock. The managers are surly, rude and take every opportunity to exercise the slight amount of power granted them as apartment managers over their tenants.

An unhappy customer.

Pros: Decent unit
Cons: Management
Recommended: Yes
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Phone Numbers:
Primary Phone: (210) 654-7447